Understand your customers and fans through our single customer view solution

Many organisations within the sport and leisure industry hold information about their customers and fans across multiple systems, spreadsheets and databases. We can help you turn these disparate data sets into one single customer view to help you better understand your fans and customer’s behaviour, build targeted marketing campaigns and offers and calculate accurate ROI.

Our single customer view service includes the technology platform and consultancy services to take the headache away from you and deliver a meaningful view of your customer and fans so all of their relevant information is in one place. Our service includes:

  • Bringing together data from multiple systems and channels
  • Building integrations and APIs from disparate systems into one single customer view within our best in class CRM system
  • Enable a usable and holistic view of customers and prospects
  • Create a single source of customer and fan data to allow greater understanding
  • Provide a greater insight into customer value and behaviours
  • Better target prospects for acquisition.

We will build a tailor made single customer view for your business, which will communicate directly with all your data source systems, as well as data analysis and marketing communications tools to enable campaign management.

Why 4Sight?

Our team of specialist data analysts have a proven track record in delivering a single customer view form disparate data sets and will work closely with your team to determine your specific requirements and develop a programme of analysis to suit your needs and objectives. The process includes the following key stages:

  • Scoping and project workshops
  • Cleanse and enhance data
  • De-dupe and merge customer records
  • Integration and API set up and management
  • Implement reporting data analysis functions
  • End-to-end and daily testing
  • Delivery and Support*.