Example PURL projects we've worked on

Deliver engaging, relevant and highly personalised content to your customers through the use of a Personalised URL campaign

So what is a Personalised URL? It may already seem obvious from the name but just in case it isn’t… A PURL is a web page that provides the customer or fan with their very own space which has been personalised with specific content tailored towards their interests or preferences.

Taking personalisation to a whole new level

Receiving mass emails on a daily basis with personalised subject lines is a regular occurrence and can be easily accomplished in this age of technology – who doesn’t love a personalised subject line? However, we believe there is much more to be taking advantage of…

Starting from the URL, right down to the content on the page, we analyse the customers’ data and tailor the page content based on their preferences. Take for example a PURL campaign we produced for Birmingham City FC, as well as including pricing and loyalty data, we created a number of segments based on the supporter’s date of birth and presented imagery specific to their era. A reminder of their childhood stars took the supporters right back to the experience they had when they were younger which generated a lot of conversation and a big increase in fan engagement levels.

A typical PURL project includes all, or a selection, of the features below but we can also tailor a package to meet your requirements:

We can insert any data that is held on a persons contact record within our CRM system.

Send targeted campaigns to groups of subscribers based on set criteria i.e. different price brackets.

All of our PURLs are built in a mobile responsive manner, providing a seamless viewing experience for the customer, all of which are web browser compatibility tested.

We create and oversee a Google Analytics property for the campaign where we can easily track PURL activity.

Find out how your subscribers navigate around the PURL by seeing which links were most popular, who clicked on them and much more.

We can help devise and deliver your email marketing campaigns in order to drive people to their PURLs.