Create highly targeted and engaging email marketing campaigns that deliver results

Email marketing is a core service offered by the 4Sight team and is a key function in the CRM mix. Our experienced team of email marketing experts work closely with our clients to build targeted and relevant campaigns in a quick and responsive manner.

Our team are on hand to help you achieve your email marketing objectives and can support your requirements in any number of ways. Our email marketing service includes: concept creation, design, template building and testing right through to the build and publication of campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Fully optimised email templates for a seamless user experience

All of our emails are built with best practice email marketing principles in mind and are designed to maximise both deliverability and engagement. All of our templates are optimised for a wide range of devices and tested across all major browsers and email clients.

Measuring campaign results

Our ‘closed-loop’ approach to email marketing, facilitated by the Green 4 'Go' eCommunications solution, allows us to instantly track the effectiveness of our campaigns, and implement the learnings for continuous improvement.

Whilst our regular reports will focus on the standard email marketing KPI’s such as open, click, CTO and unsubscribe rates, we are also able to easily measure the ROI of every campaign we send, thus demonstrating the importance of a good email marketing strategy.

All ‘click through’ data is stored against the contact record in the single customer view which makes follow-up campaigns easy to implement.

Automated campaigns

All good CRM strategies focus on the automation of marketing campaigns and 4Sight can support you in implementing these in order to drive efficiencies and improve ROI.

Our team can work with you to identify potential automated campaigns, dependant on your objectives, and then build and implement them to run in the background – leaving you to get on with your every day tasks.