Successful CRM requires quality data

We provide a combination of best in class systems, expertise and data management techniques to ensure you can build data-driven strategies. Your data has immense potential and helps you to better understand your customers and fans – therefore care is required to ensure that your data is properly managed and maintained.

A 4Sight consultant will work with you to get you up and running to ensure your data is in good shape and to make sure it is kept that way.

Our data management service will include:

Data review and planning - A review of your current sources of customer and fan data to develop a data management plan.

Data cleansing – we regularly review your data and provide a data cleanse service to maintain it. We remove bad data and highlight data entry process problems.

Data de-duplication – our CRM and data management systems have the functionality to be able to ensure there are no duplicate accounts within your customer database. We also advise how to avoid them in the first place.

Data enhancement – we can improve your customer data through the provision of new addresses, email addresses, wealth tag and lifestyle flags such as MOSAIC or CACI ACORN. This enables richer insight and greater results from targeted marketing campaigns.

Data integrations – our clients typically have multiple sources of data so we help build integrations and APIs from the many transactional systems into one CRM and data marketing solution. This helps create that all important Single Customer View.

Data normalisation and standardisation – in order to provide consistent reporting, analysis and marketing, our data experts ensure that the data held within your CRM system in a standard format.

Data improvement – our consultants have years of experience in building customer databases. Our techniques include generating sign ups from social media channels, creating campaigns for customers to update their details and improving data capture at the point of booking though training.

Why 4Sight?

Our team of data experts understand the importance of well managed and maintained data. We know that a standardised, clean, well maintained data set is a crucial element in successful CRM and data marketing strategies and have years of experience to offer. Our work with a wide range of sport and leisure organisations means that you receive experts from your industry.