Creating actionable insight from your data

We understand that customer data only becomes useful and valuable when it can be translated into actionable insights. Our skilled Data & Insight Analysts help you unlock the value in your data using our best practice tools, techniques and systems.

We understand the sport and leisure industry that we serve and so our specialist knowledge in this area means we can deliver specific actionable insight with real life, pragmatic recommendations to deliver real improvements to your business.

We can provide insights on your fans/customers lifetime value, purchase behaviours, channel analysis, demographics and customer journey to support your overall goals.

Some of our methodology includes the following techniques:

Data Deep Dives takes a data-driven view of the customer/fan base – how it has grown over time, what is currently happening to it, and what is likely to happen to it in the foreseeable future. We test assumptions and provide a set of clear findings.

Database profiling helps your business by finding customers with the same profile as the ones you already have. Database profiling creates individual, sub-segmented databases to target marketing efforts and personalise messaging.

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis is a marketing technique used to determine quantitatively which customers are the best ones by examining how recently a customer has purchased (recency), how often they purchase (frequency), and how much the fan/customer spends (monetary).

We will create a set of useful fan/customer segments which include some key strategic groups along with recommendations for marketing strategies to each one. For example, we can tell you your best customers or ‘super fans’ and suggest methods to keep them that way! We can also find lost customers with ideas to win them back using our tried and tested methodology.

We segment your customers to determine different groups with specific characteristics so that we can find ways to serve them better, by using a number of variables to deliver methods of segmentation including transactional, demographic and attitudinal data sets. 

We can find key characteristics in each customer/fan segment to help deliver more focussed targeted marketing campaigns and personalised customer/fan experience.

Our fan and customer modelling forecasts future behaviours enabling you to make better decisions and retain their custom long-term - using all of the data from our database profiling and RFM analysis, which has defined your fans/customers’ behaviours and predicts their future behaviours.

Our model provides details of who you should message, when, and how to ensure the fan/customer moves through their journey with you as effectively as possible.

Why 4Sight?

Our team of analysts have a proven track record of finding actionable insights from complex data sets and will work closely with your team to determine your specific requirements and develop a programme of analysis to suit your needs and objectives.

We will take the time to understand your business, including visiting your venue in order to fully understand the product or service before embarking on the analysis.

Your dedicated account manager will be in regular contact with you to update you with progress and provide useful insights through the project.