Strategy first, technology second… Too many organisations implement CRM software prior to developing their CRM and data strategy

This can lead to failure as organisations end up with a highly technical solution without the consideration of the people, process and data elements needed for success.

Our CRM consultants have worked with many organisations in the sport and leisure industry to develop pragmatic robust strategies that focus on results.

We help to ensure that your organisation achieves the required results through the use of our CRM and data strategy development process. 

Our results focused methodology ensures that your Customer Relationship Management Strategy is aligned with your company vision and business aims

We believe in results and delivering practical strategies that can be realistically achieved. Our consultants are experts in ‘change management’ which ensures that you have a CRM strategy that is achievable and that the organisation is ready to accept and embrace.

We also ensure that all customer facing people within the organisation are involved in the planning process. This ensures that the final plan has been accepted by everyone which significantly increases the chances of success.

As well as delivering integrated CRM and data strategies, we also provide the following strategy and planning processes:

  • Customer journey strategy
  • Data management strategy and planning
  • Data marketing strategy and planning
  • Targeted marketing communications strategy and planning
  • CRM and data systems review, strategy and planning
  • Loyalty programme strategy and development.

Our team of CRM and data consultants have a proven track record of developing strategies within the sport and leisure industry...

We will work closely with your team to determine your specific requirements and use our range of proven methodologies to generate strategies that are pragmatic and achievable.

Our people have all been involved in the implementation of CRM strategies across a wide range of clients and can give you the benefit of their experience in avoid the many pitfalls.