It’s the start of another year and so a great time to refresh your data goals and objectives.

To help you get started, here are 12 ideas to consider as part of your new year’s data resolutions…

  1. Set data goals - consider the increases in data quality and quantity that you would like to achieve in 2015 and developing a plan to achieve them becomes clearer.
  2. Review ownership of data - are you satisfied that data has an ‘owner’ within your organisation? If not, assign one. If you already have one, review their brief for 2015.
  3. Build awareness at the top - does your manager or board still not really understand the importance of data? Be sure to add some data driven results into your management reports to show the business what it’s worth.
  4. Audit your data quality - use a data agency to review how clean your data is and ensure it’s up to date. If budgets are tight, focus on one key customer segment.
  5. Review data collection processes – how easy is it for your customers to provide their data? Review the process to ensure each touch point is as easy as possible.
  6. Develop a data focus - add data targets to job descriptions and staff objectives. Make sure data is considered a priority with all relevant members of staff.
  7. Update your details - develop a campaign aimed at enriching the data you already have, incentivising customer to update their details and ‘tell us more’.
  8. Data training - how much are you relying on your people to be data savvy? If data really is key to your business goals then make sure your staff have the right training.
  9. Generate customer led feedback - many organisations focus on collection of transactional and contact data to aid their goals. Maybe it’s time to supplement this with insight directly from customer feedback? Maybe more customer surveys to understand attitudinal insight, i.e. why customers buy your product or service.
  10. Segmentation & profiling - you have collected some great data but what will you do with it? Use it to create some basic segments and profiles of key customers and develop different strategies for each one. Don’t forget to track the results and use them to continually improve your marketing.
  11. Focus on results - what is the data telling you? Invest in resources (people and systems) to generate more insight from your data. Focus on using that insight to make decisions.
  12. Think 2016! - we know it’s only 2015 but if you think ahead to what you would like to achieve in 2016 (i.e. a loyalty scheme or more detailed segmentation analysis) then you will need to start planning to achieve that during 2015 so that you are ready to hit the ground running next year!

Good luck with your data-driven plans for 2015!

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